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Irene Coates is an innovator, educator, mentor, entrepreneur,  and trendsetter. She’s known for not thinking inside the box, but staying a step ahead of the industry. Sixteen years ago she began her professional career as a Barber Stylist and later became the proud owner of Vizion Barber and Beauty Salon LLC. Irene has had the opportunity and privilege to work 10 years as a platform artist for the company "Umonji Vision" Inc., which allowed her to share her skills in the classroom and on the stage. She has gained attention by showing off hercoloring, cutting and styling techniques with flare. She also competed and won in localand international hair battles at Bronner Bros and Chew's Multicultural Hair Affair. Shehas appeared in hair magazines such as Elite Hair and Black Hair Magazine. She is thecreator of the three minute haircut where she first performed during a cut party in New Orleans, La.  She has performed on the same stage as Patrick Bradley, Kevin Martin,Bernard B and a host of other great designers. Irene has also organized and coordinated her own annual educational event "Chic Hair Couture Education Bliss", which is a successful and motivating experience. She released her first DVD series on razors VS. shears.

Irene is developing her own magazine “Chic Hair Couture hair magazine.” Her goal is to design her own line of hair products and shears that will help reinvent the hair industry. She keeps dear to her heart that education is very valuable and success does not come overnight. Irene understands the importance of education and proved it by receiving an associate degree in Applied Science of Business Technology in 2009 and will continue toward a bachelor degree in business and marketing. Irene’s goal is to step outside the box, inspire others to be great, and help reinvent the hair industry.



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LathishaJ Is a professional licensed Cosmetologist, and Cosmetology Educator. She has twenty two years of experience in the hair industry as a stylist and eight years of experience in the cosmetology Schools. She is a versatile stylist, known  as the TRANSFORMER. She is the creator of the Transformation Piece, this help women that suffer with Alopecia of some kind. Her passion is to educate and encourage others to be the best in your craft. She uses her gift given by God to enhance the beauty of others.  





Raynea Payne is a graduate at Louisiana State University, with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in entrepreneurship. Most of my life I have been in the service industry. Cosmetology has been my field of choice for 23 years, and I have learned some interesting things. For one, working with the community and servicing a business is a hard task, but learning the skill to communicate with others to service them properly. Being taught that people are not the same, so I must learn how to help people on their level. Investing in different products was a winner for me. My specialty is healthy, color and relaxed hair. I will be able to take the things I learned and advance my skills and knowledge to further my business. My hobbies are hanging out with friends and traveling and movies. 








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